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We are uniquely positioned to leverage our rich expertise in enterprise mobility solutions and can be your ideal mobile technology partner, providing you robust, feature-rich and sustainable mobility solutions, perfectly catering to your diverse organizational needs.

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The Qualified doctors app that lets you find doctors near you. and book appointments instantly.

This app also allows users to view details like clinic timings, consultation fees, the doctor’s qualifications and address before making an appointment.

CaDoc’s built-in navigation system pinpoints the exact location of the clinic.

Cyber Office

The application provides an effective and controllable way for employees to collaborate and communicate in real-time.

The App and Web User portal provides full access to all the content on your Intranet within your organization’s branded interface.

With the built-in organogram, employees can connect to the right people in the organization, share and search for information across teams and get work get done.


The application consists of mobile apps and a taxi dispatch software which bridges the gap between taxi companies and their customers It is a complete package that connects taxi companies with their customers and vice versa, making communication easier than ever before

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