F750 Smart Military-grade
Rugged Handheld Computer


F750  Smart Military-grade Rugged  Handheld Computer

CILICO F750 Smart Military-grade Rugged Big Data Mobile Terminal is compact and portable and allows one-handed operation. The high-definition screen is 4.0 inch. that can be easily and comfortably hold. It is using Qualcomm Snapdragon’s Quad-core processor and Android 5.1 operating system. Many IOT functions are combined, including 1D scanning, 2D scanning, NFC, UHF, PSAM card, etc. The equipment can work in a variety of harsh environment due to its wonderful performances, like Military rugged and IP68 waterproof and dustproof performance.




Military IP68 protection
grade, soft and hard plastic
injection molding technolo-
gy, so that products have
waterproof, dustproof, an-
ti-corrosion, anti-oil, an-
ti-pollution, 1.5 metersfree
fall and other capabilities.


The first intelligent termi-
nal OS of IoT industry –
CILICO ETs, in conjunction
with Android OS, more in
line with industry use sce-
narios, safe and efficient,
and improve management


Integrated product design,
while supporting 1D scan-
ning, 2D scanning, NFC,
UHF, security PSAM and
other IoT functions.

Three-proofing process to build strong body
Designed for the harsh environment

1IP 68 Dustproof and waterproof
Excellent performance in the 1 meter water
depth soaking test

1Corning Gorilla Glass, special anti-fall design,
still working after 1.5 meters drop, 300 times
1 meter tumbling test

1Precise structural design and wide
temperature operation under extremely cold
or hot environment, operating smoothly

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